Angry Apes Society

Everyone is angry at something, whether it’s the economy, wars, climate changes or politics, we all get angry about something every day. As humans we are more or less the same as apes, we try to replicate what others do and always follow the lead of others. With this in mind, we decided that is time to find our common goal and build our society!

We are focusing on quality art because this is the first pillar for a successful project. Art is the main asset that gets people’s attention.

With over 300 quality traits we are sure that our collection will be 100% unique and every ape will tell a story from our universe. Some of the apes from our collection will also be featured in our comic book.

Our collection will include eleven special unique 1/1 images and these will represent our view on some of the world’s greatest personalities. We don’t want to spoil everything, but so far two of these personalities are Elvis Presley and Albert Einstein.


What Next?

Creativity is our strong point and we want to use this to our advantage in order to develop our universe and raise the project and expand our universe in web2 andweb3.

  • Airdrop mint pass for comic book
  • Release comic book digitally and physically
  • Expand PR team to increase exposure
  • Setup educational team and newspaper
Our business model is focused on branding, creativity and education. Our intellectual property will be built around our art and storyline, because, as mentioned before, we want to be more than just a PFP project and our main goal is delivering value to our holders; if offered value, then we will have demand.



We are a small but passionate team and we have enough experience to run this project as a business, because we understand that, for founders and holders, a project is a business. We believe in transparency and that good communication plays an important part in the process of accomplishing the targets that we set when creating this project.

To prove our intentions we will be using as a minting platform because it makes minting fair for everyone, and it has lots of features that makes the minting process smooth. Also, most importantly, it requires ID verification from creators before releasing a collection, proving that we really are planning on making what it takes to make this a successful project.

It's time to make a change in how whitelist works and try to make things differently to show more respect for people that grind for whitelist. We will not use our whitelist allocation as a hype factor, and each whitelist is a guaranteed mint.

When mint?

We’re aiming to mint before Christmas but this could change, depending on the market conditions but any change on this will be announced on our official twitter account.

What is the mint price?

We take market conditions in consideration but at the same time we want to have a solid base to develop the project further. Price for whitelist will be 0.03eth and public price is still to be announced.

What is the supply?

We truly believe that a project needs a big community behind it in order to succeed. We have all the art that we need for a 10k collection and this is our wish but we will make the final decision closer to minting date.

Project will be overallocated?

No! We respect people that want to be part of our project and we don't want to disappoint. We will not use this to hype the project.

How many mints per wallet?

If you have whitelist you will be able to mint 2 NFTs per wallet. The remaining stock that will not be sold during whitelist minting will be available for public mint at 5 NFTs per wallet.

When discord server?

We’re planning on opening a discord server only after the mint, because right now our resources are limited, and we would rather focus on Twitter marketing.

What will be the utility?

Utility is an overrated topic when it comes to NFT collections because most of the time the utility that is promised before the mint is not provided. We want to focus on increasing exposure for our project leveraging our creativity. With more exposure we get more demand, and this is translated into utility for our holders. Some of our lucky holders will have the opportunity to claim physical paintings of their apes.

Why Comic Book?

We are a creative team and we love to tell stories and to create beautiful art. The main reason why we chose to make a comic book series was because we can use it in web2 and web3 to increase exposure and at same time increase revenue for the project. We know that not everyone likes comic books but we will have cool art and an amazing story and even if you don't like the comic you will love the art.

What is with the educational materials mentioned?

We want to create educational materials in the format of e-books, infographics, videos and a newspaper. All of our education related material will be free, but at the same time it will bring us revenue from advertisements, and most important, they will keep our project relevant.


I have a little story for you...

Not long ago, a savant was researching time travel and by mistake he manage to open a portal to the unknown. With all the experiments that are happening it was just a matter of time until something would go wrong…or good.

At the same time, on a planet that is far away from earth apes was minding their own business, doing what apes do, follow each other and living their life with no real cares about what is happening in universe. All that has stopped when out of nowhere a small green light appeared and gets their attention. The light was growing bigger and bigger turning into a small tornado with green lightings, something that the apes have never witness before.

Leader of the apes has done what any ape would do, he looked at the tornado, smile, and jump thru to the unknown. The other apes were in shook and stare at the portal for few moments but shortly they realize that they must follow the leader and one by one jumped in.

Traveling thru the portal had a major impact on the apes and some have suffered mutations, others suffer personality change and different desires. But the most affected was the leader who jumped first, he got an obsessive desire to conquer and rule as soon as he landed on earth.

You may ask yourself how I know all the details, but I was witness everything since the start and I’m here to explain you everything in details.

This is the story of what we would always know as Angry Apes Society.